BodyFeed is a company with the goal of awakening and improve the physical condition of the people who come to us, always with the achievement of our students: better balance, quality of life, wellness, beauty and self-esteem in personal and professional lives. We are committed to meet our students the best and healthiest way possible – customized training, medical care and all sorts of advice required for the smooth running of a program focused on the practice of one or more sports.

BodyFeed offers a varsity of services on the fitness industries , we offer a informative blog that we try to keep up to date on lots a free information about Endurance Training and lot of tips about fitness and Wellness.

BodyFeed also offer a Online Endurance Training such as Running Training, Cycling Training, Triathlon Training, Swimming Training, CrossFit. All Training sections are online via website and for locals on New Orleans Area we do offer one on one live training contact us at for fees and info about local rates on Endurance Training.
We do have the right training plan for you eater a month to month base or just a generic training that will fit your needs and your budget. Our website is set up not only to help athletes we also have a coaches section that will allow coaches to give and follow up your own group of athletes and again all in your needs and budget.

BodyFeed offers a online store a BodyFeed Multi-Sport Store that offers all about fitness, cycling, heart rate monitors, running shoes, cycling shorts, Jerseys, bike frames, wheel sets, bicycles, fitness equipments, clothing, accessories and much more. If you look for something on our website and cant find what you are looking for, leave us a reply and we will work ASAP to get what you need. Always remember “WE ARE HERE FOR YOU”.

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